Time for a Crossword Puzzle!!

(horizontal) The 2012 Disney Pixar film (vertical) Money, transaction
A person who does not eat meat Another name for a radio Villainy person 2009 American 3D computer-animated comedy-drama adventure film The world's largest producer of rice Send (a document) The power or right to act, speak, or think One of ways to score in basketball is Slam ... At/On/... Having or showing a friendly action Stop living The highest mountain (8848 meters)

Dewa Athena : The Most Celebrated Sport Event at SMAN 3 Bandung

Dewa Athena is a name for a sport competition in 3 Senior Highschool Bandung that held every year by its students. This event contains lots of sport games such as Badminton, Football, Basketball, Race, etc. It is held from 25th of March to 8th of April. The unique thing from Dewa Athena is that each class has to buy jerseys which they will use it during the competition. Each class represents different color for their jersey. Our class chooses dark blue as our class' jersey color. Here is a picture of mine.
During the event, I didn't get a chance to join any competitions. But, there are some competitions that we actually did well through the first and second day. Our Gobak Sodor and Race teams are managed to get through the semifinals. Unfortunately, we lost at the semifinals, but the Badminton players, Ado and Putra, they did an amazing job by winning the matches and climbed up to the finals against X Science 2. I really hope that I could watch it in the next Saturday, but I …

Learning from Nature

Personally, I define nature as a unity of the living that god has created around us. Nature's main function in our world is to maintain the balance in this world by supplying and standing up for each of nature's component such as giving oxygen that is made by plant for human to breathe, etc. Nowadays, that main goal couldn't be maximizely achieved yet because many humans doesn't really care about nature and only enjoys the benefits that they get from nature by exploiting it's richness for themselves. The effort that is done by the environmental activists aren't enough yet to sustain our nature in a balance status. Other than that, the number of humans that do positive things are less than those ones who actually harm it. I, as a student who cares to all livings including animals and plants, we need to protect them because, they already support our live by giving free oxygen to breathe, a place to live, clean water from the ground, etc. Imagine your life withou…

Who Helped Me Out?

Hi, again! This time I'm going to tell you the most helpful person I've ever had in my life which is my   mom. Back then when I was little, she was the one who is always carrying me. She also gave her best effort to look after me even if I always cried and exhausting her. When I grew up into a kindergarten boy, she still cares so much about me. One of the actions that she had done for me was teaching me to count numbers, reading fairytale stories, colouring, and many more. There's one time when I'm very afraid to communicate with my friends at kindergarten. I feel afraid to lose her so I cannot lose my sight from her at anytime. But, she encouraged me to be a strong and brave person who can stand alone even if she's not there for me. Moreover, through all supports from my family, friends, relatives, espescially my mom and dad, I can manage to pass all of problems and gain achievements, such as studying at 3 Public Senior Highschool Banding which is very famous sch…

Short Trip to Malaysia

Last holiday was pretty much boring. But, a trip to Malaysia seemed to entertain me. It was at the beginning of the holiday, where I went to Malaysia with my family. My mom booked the ticket from about 3 months ago. In that time, when I was still studying, I can't wait for that trip to come true. I was very excited because I could relief all of my stressful thoughts and have fun in Malaysia. 
Preparation is the most important thing in holiday. Mom was the happiest person in preparing the trip. She likes to shop and that's why she already saved a lot of money for us to buy souvenirs and clothes at Malaysia. She also searched and chose the itinerary that is perfectly fit with our schedule. For me, I only prepared for clothes, phone, headset, and a small bag to carry things around while we're exploring Malaysia. My sister's preparation was pretty much same as I do and my dad didn't prepare that much. He only prepared for clothes and a fannypack to carry small things …

My Hero

Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale entered the hospital and was appalled and horrified by what she saw. Wounded soldiers lay on straw mats that lined the room like coffins waiting for burial. The floor was covered with dirt and blood. There were no hospital gowns: the men still wore their uniforms. As Nightingale passed them, each soldier tried to act stern and tough, but their boyish faces betrayed unmistakable pain. Those who were able to conquer their convulsions lay still, as if dead.
These were the hospital conditions in Scutari, Turkey during the Crimean War. Florence and a group of nurses were sent to this hospital to help make the hospital a more efficient place. The first change Florence made was scrubbing all the injured men's clothes. Then, she spent her own money buying bandages, operating tables and other basic necessities for the hospital. Her nurses cleaned the whole hospital so there were no more germs and this helped to stop contamination and spread of dis…

Japanese Urban Legend

One night Satoshi was walking home. His cram school had just let out, and it was nearing 10 pm. As he passed through a neighborhood, he saw a beautiful young girl near the top of an abandoned building. She was leaning out the window, with her elbows propped on the windowsill. She looked down at him, contempt and jealousy hiding behind her eyes.
Suddenly, the girl jumped out of the window. Shocked, Satoshi could do nothing but watch her fall. When the girl landed, Satoshi realized the horrible truth. She had only half a body. Her lower half looked to have been cut off by something. 
Satoshi remembered hearing on the news about a recent tragedy, where a girl was accidentally pushed off a train platform and onto the train tracks. The train cut her in half, killing her.
But she was right here, in front of him. She started dragging herself toward him, a scythe in one hand. As she skittered toward him on her elbows and claw like hands, a “teke teke” sound echoed around …